Ad te levavi

Mass Intentions

I plan to celebrate Mass every day. As a priest, it is my honor to be able to share the fruits of the Holy Sacrifice with others, and I am happy to accept requests for Mass intentions (please, only one per day). Some days may already be taken without my explicit knowledge; if it is necessary to reschedule, I will contact you directly.

For more information about the the effects of the sacrifice of the Mass, read this.

There's a button below and on the page that appears after you submit your information that helps you make an offering; in the Diocese of Salt Lake City, the usual offering is $5 for a Mass to be celebrated at a time left to the discretion of the priest. But do not feel obligated to donate! My goal with this page is to give people the opportunity to let me remember their intentions in my Masses, not to collect cappuccino money...

Send me an email to request Mass intentions; in your message, please have:
1. the dates being requested,
2. the name of the person or persons for whom the intention is being requested, and
3. whether they are living or deceased.
I'll do my best to review your request promptly.

Sit nomen Domini benedictum in sæcula!